Dr. Bahar Eriş is an academician and author specialized on talent development in children.

    “New York Columbia Üniversitesi Teachers College’de, Üstün Yetenek Eğitimi Programı’ndaa master eğitimini tamamlamıştır. 2005 yılında aynı bölümden Ed. D. (Eğitim Doktoru) diplomasına hak kazanmıştır.“

Upon qualifying for a Fulbright Scholarship, She went to the US to study gifted education in 1998. She has an M.A. degree (2000) and an Ed.D. degree (2005) on gifted education from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY. She taught classes on talent development and pedagogy at Bosphorus University, Istanbul, between 2005-2014. Currently she is an Associate Professor at the School of Education at Bahcesehir University (BAU) in Istanbul, Turkey.

She has been writing newspaper columns on various aspects of child development since 2014, and has been offering parent seminars at private and public organizations.

Eris is a professional conference interpreter and a member of the Turkish Association of Conference Interpreters.

She is the author of Her Çocuk Üstün Yeteneklidir/Every Child is Talented (2013, Alfa Publishers) currently in its 7th edition.

She contributed to the writing of Başarı Bilimi/The Science of Success (Alfa, 2016, 10th Edition), and Hayat Bilgesi 2, by Mumin Sekman (author, concept consultant) (Alfa, 2015).